De los jóvenes, la juventud y las políticas de juventud

by admin

03 31, 2014 Juventud y políticas públicas


ANTES DE COMENZAR A hablar acerca de la juventud, la primera cuestión que debemos señalar, es que enfrentamos una serie de dificultades conceptuales en su tratamiento, que exigen trabajar sobre una faceta
de tipo histórico relacionada con su surgimiento, porque jóvenes hubo siempre, pero juventud no, aunque parezca extraño; la idea de juventud esta íntimamente ligada a los roles históricos de los distintos grupos sociales y etáreos.

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  1. Darby says:

    Eres insegura y cuidas cada una de tus palabras por tu temor a obsequiarla frente a los ojos de los demás.

    A veces te pasas y eres durísima contigo misma.

  2. Takashi says:

    Found your blog on Fragile What? blogroll.I recnetly heard about this ridiculous ruling! Sounds like they’re trying to scare parents away from homeschooling. Guess these ‘smart’ ones (who probably don’t have special needs kiddos that need more than a public school can sometimes provide) think SAHM have all the time in the world to go out and spend more time doing classes, etc. Sorry, don’t mean to sound do cynical or cruel. I suppose if that ever hit Texas I’d be in good shape since I taught before having children.Hang in there! You’re an inspiration.

  3. Joice says:

    Hi, Harmony! Welcome to Little Stories and thank you for your insightful cmoemnt. I’m so happy that you acknowledged how important the relationship between families and therapists is to a child’s progress. In this post I wanted to focus on the relationship from parents perspectives, but I’m also working on a post on the same topic geared to professionals. It’s an important topic. Just like language doesn’t happen in a vacuum, neither does therapy, right?! [url=]upsvwhpdu[/url] [link=]utrnjy[/link]

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