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Educación y Ciudadanía A.C.

Education and Citizenship AC, established in May 5 # 620, Barrio de San Miguelito, CP 78339, San Luis Potosi, SLP, is responsible for the use of personal information you provide to us as a starter and protection. The personal and sensitive data you provide to us aim to locate, identify and contact you, gathering information that will allow us to visualize the extent that they have programs that are developed in this institution, substantiate a real database with actors either attending or aiding or consulting data problems attending the programs in this institution, also ensures that the data will be managed and protected in each of their cases of physical and digital way to avoid damage, loss, alteration, destruction, use access or improper disclosure.

The data collected in this institution may be transferred to our funding applicants (information), and these can be domestic or foreign. Unless the respective holders expressly show their opposition in terms of the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (the Act), is understood to do cardholder information to these third parties who in turn take responsibility for securing such data.

Holders may exercise the ARCO rights under the Act from January 6, 2012, by written request, to be presented in May 5 # 620, Barrio de San Miguelito, CP 78339, San Luis Potosi, SLP, with the following documents:

Official photo-identification (ORIGINAL: IFE Credential Represented Institution, license management)

-A Document which clearly states that personal data shall exercise its rights ARCO (rectification, opposition access, cancellation y) which gives the law.

The response time for the changes requested by the licensee, shall not exceed 15 days after he made the request and shall have no such cost processed, yet all certification cost, and stationery will be covered by the owner.

If there are any changes to this privacy notice statement will be released on the website Privacy Notice according to what the law stipulates.

Education and Citizenship B.C. no function in Marketing or related activity with your personal details, then contact the Department of Personal Data.

Department of Personal Data:

May 5 # 620, San Miguelito district, CP 78339 Phone: 814 2952 Email:

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