Education and Citizenship B.C.


Education and Citizenship Training and Youth Participation This program seeks to create opportunities for training for young people and strengthen the construction of identity , relationships, and citizenship skills, from the recognition of their skills, promoting the construction of their life projects . The key elements of this program are: the work of ” youth to youth ” and the development of psychosocial skills and life skills .

The life skills that promote in the various projects are:

Management of feelings and emotions

Tension and stress management

Self-knowledge critical

Thinking creative

Thinking Decision making

Troubleshooting and conflicts empathy effective


Interpersonal relationships

Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building Training Citizen On the national stage organizations of civil society make contributions and assume responsibilities that the state can not cover. Generating projects to strengthen civil society organizations , open spaces for joint training and joint for different sectors of society actions. Education and Citizenship B.C. supports these processes of formation and citizen capacity to generate other actors .


Professionalization for Civil Society Organizations .

Building Citizenship in San Luis Potosi

Accompanying Civil Society Organizations in San Luis Potosi.

Initiatives for influencing public policy

• Congress Face.
• Social Comptroller on Child Mental Health.
• Campaign Against Poverty.
• Shows Film on Human Rights.
• Social Comptroller of the ECHR.
• Forum for Free Choice .
• Citizen Monitoring the ECHR of San Luis Potosi and the Commission on Human Rights of the State Congress .
• Youth Encounters RIE .
• Proposal of Law Initiative of the Young Person for the State of San Luis Potosi.
Move for Education.

From Educiac believe that strengthening and professionalization of civil society organizations (CSOs ) , is an issue that requires specific and intentional actions that promote quality of programs and projects from civil society we do. This program seeks , through processes of education and training , providing tools for this purpose, youth groups and CSOs .

Social Control in Public Policy and Advocacy
Today is impossible to imagine without government action participatory approach - deliberative democracy. Social participation is the key vehicle for building citizenship . It has an intentionality that comes from the people themselves, seeking a rapprochement between the different levels of government and citizenship implies the decision to intervene in public affairs , in order to influence the structures , institutional relations, procedures and practices government, and thus empowerment. Promote accountability from public monitoring and social control , and the impact of civil society at different stages of the cycle of public policy , are major challenges for Educiac . Since this program put as priority both strategies to promote citizen participation , primarily in the young people .

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