Mujeres jóvenes en México De la casa al trabajo a los quehaceres del hogar

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03 31, 2014 Situación de las juventudes


La preocupación por la formación de la mujer es la más antigua en el largo debate acerca de la “inferioridad femenina”. No sabemos si Christina de Pisan (1365–1430) fue la primera, pero ciertamente no fue la única que a partir de los albores del proceso de modernización planteó el problema del acceso de la mujer al saber.

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  1. Teguh says:

    I loved that building as it reseeprnted the best part of my childhood. My grandfather was a retired firefighter from Alhambra. He tried to console me at the time saying it was a building hot to work in for the librarians, etc. I was not consoled. I imagine if there are any old firefighters left they might know the story. Alhambra was my home for my first 18 years and I remember Grandpa saying that Alhambra turned its back on a street mall concept right after WWII. He always felt that if Alhambra had closed Main Street in the shopping district it could have competed with later Malls. Good luck. Your organization is the only hope for saving the very few buildings that are left most of which are homes I imagine. BTW I grew up in a 1910 house near to Main Street on Palatine that is still there, albeit a little changed.

  2. Zaki says:

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