Los jóvenes no se ven como el futuro, ¿Serán el presente?

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03 31, 2014 Situación de las juventudes


Sobre la base de la Encuesta Mexicana de Juventud de 2005 y referencias complementarias se examinan tendencias de la juventud mexicana y latinoamericana. La evidencia no permite seguir pensando a los jóvenes en función de su preparación para el futuro, dado el protagonismo y la especificidad de la vida juvenil hoy: las maneras en que se organizan los artistas jóvenes para producir y comunicar lo que hacen, las formas en que los jóvenes desplazados se reinstalan en sociedades extrañas a su formación familiar, las nuevas maneras de consumir y producir que tiene la juventud.

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  1. Chris says:

    Holy cow, Christine. I know we’ve often remarked that it seems like we’re going thogruh some similar stuff at the same time, but this is so close to home it’s eerie! We saw a major regression in Nik’s communication after a few weeks of school; the expectations were so low AND the staff had no idea how to incorporate his speech device so they were willing to accept any communication instead of encouraging what we already know he could do.After three and a half weeks in his new program, Nik’s communication skills are resurfacing. The only difference is the new SLP has higher expectations of Nik. She has the exact same level of exposur to/knowledge of his speech device as the other SLP…NONE. But she believes Nik is capable so she expects it…and he delivers.Glad you seem to have found a willing learner in the SLP’s intern. She may catch on yet!

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