Encuesta Nacional sobre Discriminación en México 2010

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03 31, 2014 Situación de las juventudes


La discriminación niega el ejercicio igualitario de libertades, derechos y oportunidades a cualquier persona; la excluye y la pone en desventaja para desarrollar de forma plena su vida; la coloca, además, en una situación de alta vulnerabilidad. Esa desventaja sistemática, injusta e inmerecida, provoca que quienes la padecen sean cada vez más susceptibles a ver violados sus derechos en el futuro.

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  1. Goru says:

    CarinI agree with your recommendations in reragd time manage for successful report writing. I do wish to clarify a couple of points you suggested. I am fortunate enough to work in a Pediatric medical outpatient setting and an public educational setting each week. Both have time limits for report writing. I am greatly concerned to hear that anyone would take months to write a report. We have a 48 hour time limit in the hospital and it is tied to billing requirements. Both settings have a set of rules and both settings require essentially a plan of care (IEP). If a report does not have a plan of care or goals, that child better be functioning at age-level. Perhaps your experience at receiving a copy of a report has taken a while which again is not acceptable. We are all professionals and need to conduct ourselves as such. If you are having difficulty receiving information from outside resources, I encourage you to contact them by phone and/or ask the parent to do the same. Thank you for your blog, I appreciate reading your informative posts.

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